Testing testing!

I picked up a package for me last night, 10 pm at the postoffice! These are the moments when I feel so happy to live in Sweden again. In Italy to get a package a la posta was always a big adventure, I don´t know how many packages that got “lost” then those looooong lines and the siesta off corse;)

I was contacted by Ecco they wanted me to try a new shoe that is about to come out in stores in August. The press agent told me its a high heel shoe but they feel like a sneaker!!

I love that idea;)

Ta ta ta, Sculptured 65!!!

They definitely don’t look like a sneaker, love the lack!

I have walked 1000 miles in super high heels, 12 hours straight at 12 centimetres up in the air didn´t use to bother me…. Now it´s a different story!

If the shoe is not comfy it´s not for me… but I do love high heels so today I will try these ones and see…. testing, testing!

They are quite easy to walk with dispyte the heel…. even for a new beginner;)

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