The harbour


Few places in the world gives me the peace that I find here in Puerto Santiago, it´s something very special staying on a island, a different energy. The time seem to pass slow and you get so much done in one singe day. Eat, read, swim in the cool ocean and even take time to have a bit boring. We are not used to that and I feel is so good just to try to do as little as possible for a couple of days.

 One of our favorite hang out places is the little harbor with all their colorful boats, nets and old fishermen. 

What boat is coming in and how much fish did they get, and is that a dolphin I see out there??

Forget about time and musts, just listen to the ruff sea and relax….

And here we have the three musketeers and the picture for this week.

One photo each week of my kids during 2014.





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