To weave or not to weave….?

 I totally fell in loved with these great eco and recycled objects I found on Green Furniture.

T-shirt Chair is like a large colourful rag rug, an easy chair made of left over clothes or rags. Every chair has its own unique colour and texture one can change now and then, and the chair slowly takes of your history. A “naked” chair is perfect for us that have a lot of clothes that we don’t wear any longer but has to much memories to be thrown away, like the T-shirt my husband wore the day I gave birth to our three kids, old blankets from my childhood and 1970´s rugs from my mothers kitchen!

Someone called this a Slowblog…

Check it out here!

This is how it locks naked!

Jar Lamp uses recycled jam jars with their lids in a refined but simple and iconic way.

A pouf with a gorgeous back story. It is made from eight recycled coffee bean sacks with original prints from coffee plantations around the world. I can see this in front of me in my kids future playroom!

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