Since I moved to Sweden I have got obsessed with the weather forecast. I think that the weather app on my Iphone has been corrupted by the Swedish government, it always shows nice and sunny for the weekend when you check Thursday/Friday but then when you wake up Saturday morning what do you see when you pull up the curtain? Grey skye and RAIN!! I must check the weather on my phone again and now what does it show… partly cloudy and rain showers, but tomorrow Sunday big SUN…. Yeah right!! I guess they manipulate the forecast to keep the Swedish citizens mood up and help them not to fall in to some kind of grey, lack of sun depression. So what do you do a rainy cold Saturday in Malmö with three kids… You go to Malmö museum, yes;)

The kids loves all kind of museums but this is a really good one for small ones. They were super interested of the aquarium and I really enjoyed all the old school posters in the exhibition Uppåt väggarna . Tried explain to  Tiago how the posters were used in school and he was like, why didn´t they use the iPad instead?  I got the book Kryddor från Rosengård, nice initiative and some really good recipes!

Sunday was suposed to be sunny of corse but in the morning outside it was grey and COLD! Spoke to my friend from Italy and she was in bikini on the beach, I couldn’t tell her that i´m  still wearing my ugly warm uggboots!! One plus with this cold weather is that you get to wear your cashmere sweaters all year around;)

My friend Mia told me about Tirups Örtagård, thats where we spent our Sunday buying plants, got inspiration for our garden and the kids had a blast at the fantastic natural playground! We had lunch under this blooming apple tree, can it get more romantic than this??!

Just love the bed full of strawberries!!!  I will definitely steal this one;) and I have a perfect iron daybed in mind..

The car packed of plants and a head full of new garden ideas!! And by the way, I didn´t photoshop the photos… the sun eventually came out;))

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