What to wear?



Tomorrow it´s Elle gala and the BIG question is what to wear!!?? 95% of the guests will wear black so maybe some color this year…. I quite like the idea of staying black but pimp up with some colored and goldi accessories like Johanna suggests in Elle. 

Last year together with the girls I wore a special designed dress that was sold on auction for the benefits of Childhood after the gala. 

On the golden carpet in a silky story from Chanel.

I hosted the gala 2005 together with Pontus in a Silver dress from Fendi. Check out my tummy, i´m pregnant with Milo!!

It´s been quite monochrome lately so thinking of a dash of color, Hhmmmm what do you think, stay with the black or go with color??? Thinking of a Haider Ackermann dress in dark burgundy with some really high black pumps!!




Some glamour

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