Sitting looking at my kids having gymnastic at The little gym, what a great place!!

It came to me sitting here peeking at all the children how stylish Swedish kids are… or how dedicated shoppers their parents are! Another thing is that there are so many cool scandinavian kid brands with ok prices!

Here comes some of my kids favourites right now!

Found the most adorable spring jackets for the boys at my french favourite TALC and the pants i got at Miloii for Tiago some years ago, original 70´s LOVE them so much!!

Since these Hummel sneakers arrived from Oii design Milo won’t go to school with any other!

Our colourful cousin in flowery summer pants- dress from Lindex

Mums favourite from Toffelmakaren, love that you can get them in any colour and with the kids name painted on them.

The “Ciao Bello” t-shirt was a present from TALC i Paris!

I just had to get this little summer dress in Ecological cotton from Åhlens with matching sunhat for Cleo! This outfit will be perfect on Capri this summer!!

Love the classic feel of these sandals i got for Milo from Kavat and they are Eco certified, yeeeyh! Unfortunatly they were sold out in size 31 for Tiago..

God bless indoor playlands when it´s raining and the kids are climbing on the walls, we had great fun at Leos Lekland😉

To die for!!!

Got my hands on the cutest little Rain coat, inspired from Claude Monet, for Cleo at Happy garden in Paris.

Daddys oldtime favorit, the wind jacket that you fold into is own pocket from K-way, the kids calls it “The magic sausage jacket”;)

This little ballerina tutu from Mini Rodini started off as a body, now i cut it of to a little tank top and princess will be able to wear it one more summer, YES!

Preparing for a mini summer?? Cheek out all the great NEWS!

Another of my sweet as sugar brands is How to kiss a frog

Mum I don´t like the colour…. how many times haven you heard that one?

Pink, violet, yellow?? Here it´s all up to the small creator, colour it in, how ever you like it!!

Great idea form Catemini.

I know it´s spring and soon summer, but I can’t help loving these booties from Emu Australia and it did acctually snow for a while today!!!

Well the list can continue for ever but this was it for this time, ill be back with some more XXSmall-fashion soon!

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