Yes, please!


“Half a kilo of happiness and a jar of patience please”

Wouldn't´t it be great if it really worked like that, emotions sold by kilogram…

Now, if we can´t buy love we should at least buy WITH love…   

I really don´t like shopping centres but last Sunday we needed to go out and eat something, Tiago had to get a gift for a birthday party, Milo was in desperate need of socks and a haircut. We had 1 and a half hour to do all this…. Let´s go to the shopping center and get it all done! The funny thing is that it doesn't really matter to which center you go here in Sweden, they ALL have the same shops!!! That why I got so happy when I discovered ökompanieat Carolicity.

A nice little store with a Danish vibe that sells, chocolate, thé, sentenced candles, soaps and other great stuff that I like.

All natural and a lot of organic, fun to try out some new brands never seen in Sweden before.


 Worth a visit, HURRAW!!

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