26 of February

My day started slowly at Raw food house.

My breakfast…

Have you evere seen someting so qute???? A healthy mini semla make of zucchini, almonds and love!! 

There is nothing nicer than fresh cut flowers and to me they are simbolic. A gift, a sign of love, the beauty of nature. What is deeply ironic is the extreme disparity between the symbol and the real circumstances of theri production. It makes me sad when I think of how fare the flowers has been transported and how the flower industry is heavy users of pesticides and is poisoning its workers and the enviornment in a number of latin American and African nations.


It makes me so happy that flower shops like Bara blommor takes their full responsability and sells organic and close produced flowers.

Today with the spring sun shining through the clouds, I cheered up my very monotom dark outfit with a red newcommer from H&M man and some blue leoprint from Lindex!

The day will continue with some Ashtanga and family dinner!

Namaste my friends!!



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