Sorry for not posting for a while, it has been a lot of things going on… Birthday and surprise party, first of May celebrations, wedding anniversary and the big garden project has started! A lot of fun things but best of all is that spring is finally here!!! Hold on here comes a long stems of a lovely week…


For my birthday we took the old Vespa and went to get some garden inspiration at Katrinetorp!

I just died a little when I walked into this amazing greenhouse, I WANT IT ALL!!!!!

Found some beautiful teaspoons at the little antic shop.

Our first Swedish Valborg was celebrated in style at the beach eating grilled hotdogs and marchmallows with best naighbour Mia & co! 

2002 I got married with this guy…. 11 years later he still makes me crazy;) We celebrated our long journey together with a even longer dinner, 36 courses at our favorite Noma…  heaven!

Nordic coconut..

Cheese cookie, rocket and stems…

Be yourself, have a Aebleskiver and muikku! Want to start to take cooking classes….

Long stockings are off and the ballerinas on;) This was one of my birthday gifts, a trench coat from Minimarket, a spring classic!! Have a lovely day in the sun!!!!





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