What to buy?


You want to celebrate and get the perfect gift for the one you love that has passed the first half of his life. But what can you give to someone that has everything and buyes all the things he wants for him self?? Very tricky, and we have been thinking and thinking..  Finally we realised that he never got himself a oil portrait, so that´s what we gave him. “The man of the house” kind of painting;) something our grand grand children will have as a memory on their walls one day…
IMG_2317A soft nice club chair for his wine cellar. But now it got to move up in the kitchen, we realised it is to beautiful to stand in the dark down in the basement… Then we filled up his wine cellar with bottles from 1964-2013, the best years of his life.  IMG_2335


Two surprise party´s later, a trip to New York and Rome. The man can now start a new chapter in his life, the best years are here, I love you!


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