Summer favourites!

We are having countdowns every day around the breakfast table… How many day is it left for our summer break mum?? I have heard that question at least a hundred times and now its only two days left! The day after tomorrow they will sit there in the church and just wait  for that final song that we have been longing for so much… “Den blomstertid nu kommer”! I can still remember that feeling of having a long sweet summer holiday in front of you, it felt like an eternity.

I´m starting to count down the days for our trip to Italy, I think we all need some sun and heat!!!

Here comes some of my summer favourites

Who can resist La Sardina – These innovative analog cameras are not only a pleasure to the eyes but are also very functional…Comes in a range of fun colours super difficult to choose, I´ll have them all please 😉

My toes have never been so colourful ever, love these ones from Zoya

High waisted bikinis from

I saw the nicest little idea over at Mokkasin, summer garlands with everything Sofia and her kids want to do this summer! Love the idea that it´s the most simple wishes that brings the magic summer feeling alive!

I want to be coolest on the beach in these pink ones from Asos

The cutest little summer outfits from TALC

Whats more romantic than a dinner in the middle of a agrumeto..

The boys goes bananas on the beach and Cleo will go in Pineapple suit from Minirodini

Whats better than warm handpicked strawberries?

Maybe a homemade strawberry cake!!

The sources for all my favourites you can find here

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