The perfect packed bag!

The ticket is booked for Rome and Puglia so Im starting to organise the kids summer wardrobes! Went through all three closets sorting out whats too small, too itchy and too broken. I love when the shelfs are getting empty because then I don´t have to feel bad going shopping… they actually do need some new stuff;)

 I think I have packed my suitcases around a million times and Im quiet good at traveling light, but packing for kids is a different story… Chocolate ice-cream and Spaghetti Carbonara hmmm.. better pack three extra t-shirts, what if it gets cold, 3 little jacket, Is Cleo ever going to get to wear her little thin summer dresses before they are to small.. i´ll throw them ALL in because in cold Sweden she won´t!

Finally I end up with 4 full suitcases…

This is how my bag would look in my dreams…

Right now I can’t wait to come back to Rome… the sun, spaghetti ai vongole, Trastevere, Stracciatella gelato and Salotto42..

I´m ready to bring the kids to the Colosseum (despite 2 hours line), visit Galleria Borghese and i´m even longing for the crowded busses… now it all feels charming and picturesque. Rome is great for kids so many interesting things to visit and do, check out the Rome Guide for kids by lonely Planet!

Roma, tra poco ci vediamo!!

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