Wow, what a year it has been for us!!

2012 has been the year of change, leaving Rome, our jobs, friends and life behind for something newer and a lot colder;) 

Changed late Roman nights and drinks at Salotto42 for fresh Swedish air, family time and a lot of RENOVATION!!!

I tend to think that life will be different just when the house is ready or when the spring will come or when I have cleaned all the windows, but life is always there in every singe moment. This I wan´t to bring with me 2013, to enjoy more and leave the things that "has" to be done for a short while… HERE AND NOW!!!

Looking back on the pictures from 2012 with a lot of satisfactions, all that mess and stress…. Leaning back with my cup of tea in our beautiful living room almost 11 months later and I say never more a project like this one…. knowing that in a couple of years it will start to itch in my fingers;)

 Looking forward to spring, the light and my garden projects but first we want to celebrate the end of a fantastic 2012, if you need some inspiration for the table check out here or here!

I would like to wish all my bloggfriends out there a Happy New 2013 and all the best!!!!!! 

xx Malin

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