We´re back!

Were back and loaded with new energy and ideas!!! We got our dose of wonderful south Italy and Puglia. Now I know what I want to do when I am 50, buy a Masseria or a little Trullo down there and open a small b&b… What a dream!!!

But now lets get our house here in Sweden ready first!!!

After 10 days of absence from the old house, a lot of things has happened. Some new walls are up, the basement floor is now moulded and ready for some floor heating. This beautiful wall came out today in the guest room in the basement, lovely right? They were just about to tear it down when I spotted it, now its saved…. Nobody touch my wall;)

I´m imagining it with a old brass bed in front of the wall, with some of the antic lace bed linen i got in Pulia… Sweet dreams my friends!!

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