From Rome with love


Woke up by the seagulls and the sun that slowly started to rise up over the old city…

Finally our apartment is ready and its such a luxury to wake up and just open the door and be in the middle of one of the most beautiful squares in the world the world, Piazza Di Pietra. And for me that has never learned to eat the Italian breakfast, a Capucino and a cornetto on standing food, is super happy that At active natural eatinghas opened right under our flat!! A small little bar with everything I like, smoothies, fresh juices, probiotic icecream and lovely fruitsallads.

Two days to clean, organice the kitchen, drill, put up paintings, lunch with friends, buy plants and a table, take a aperitivo, see some other friends for dinner, get the workers to finish off the last things and maybe just sit down at a cafe for 5 minuets, breath in the Italian atmosphere and relax….. Allot do do in a city like Rome only in two days

Before I had the kids i always went around with a Vespa, the only descent way to get around this chaotic city. This time I walked and took taxis, until it started to rain, then I could´t find any…


The artichoke carpaccio “Da Antonio” at Via Dei Pastini is not to miss!

Took a tour to one of Rome´s biggest secondhand shop, Il MercatinoThe big coffert abowe to the right is now in my living room, 50 euros good price! Found allot of fun things, but shopping furniture with Taxi in Rome when its raining is not to recommend…

Soaking wet and two taxi trips later the big baule is now on place and it fitted perfect! Home sweet home..

Thank you for this time Roma dolce Roma!


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